Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

My Wish

Even a dying man  has wishes...
So here are my wishes.
1) To die as a good man and go straight to heaven (of course la kan. Who don't wish that)
2) To have my own work@personal room so that i could get back early from work and do my work at home.
3)To start my own comic drawing again
4) Salary increase (maybe a little bit more than rm 5000) so that my wife could be a full time housewife. Need to spend more time with alyah. Half of her time was with her baby sitter.
5) A baby boy
6)Go to Japan
7)Work in US even only for a year
8)Dusun buah2an

and lastly ...marry nora danish..HUHUHU...wish i could (Over my dead body).

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