Khamis, 27 Januari 2011

Sincere Praise will make you float in the sky (tah apa punya title daa..)

Once upon a time, not long ago. I heard a quote "Sampai pergi kenduri kahwin pun, saya rasa macam nak menyorok bawah meja, takut orang tau saya orang syarikat ** (my company la)". Huh!! In my "no one in my company " mind, you're not suppose to say something like that when you're the one who is receiving the highest pay check in your company.It's ok to critic your company or to critic anyone in your company. But, to feel ashamed of yourself as one of the company staff, regardless of how bad your company image is, is totally unacceptable.

I am proud of my company, i promote company's product to my adik beladik, sanak saudara. I wear shirt with company logo/ slogan to shopping complex, kenduri kawin, watching movie or even to jumaat prayer. Just imagine wearing t-shirt with slogan "Cheap and easy (that sound a little bit bitchy, but of course it is our broadband)","No 1 broadband, proven" and many more, people will automatically assume that you're so proud of your company. Of course i am proud of my company.

Ok, forget about the above, let's talk about the title. Today, i met an old friend who is by chance a High Speed  str**myx user (4mbps). We talked a lot, chatting about school memories etc. And suddenly that moment came. Maybe for the first time in my working life time, i heard a praise from our customer. It made me cried inside. I felt so light that my feet seemed no touching the ground. I felt appreciated and proud. Normally, what i received from our customer was complaint, condemn and many more even if the service is ok.

So, today for a few minutes, all my work load, problem and many more seem to be disappeared in the air before they came back pounding my head again. But it was a moment that i will appreciate forever

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