Selasa, 20 Januari 2009


It has been 12 years, but i still remember a petua from a someone a bit special to me, about buying a teddy bear. She said, try to pull the fur of the teddy bear that u're going to buy just a little bit, and see how much it come off from the body.Kalau banyak, it means, teddy bear tu tak bagus. Kalau sikit, ok boleh beli. Everything was so meaningful when you were in luv for the 1st time, even the meaningless one.
That is one of a few thing u learn when u fall in luv. But there are much more u learn when you broke off.Like, oil and water don't mix, study n luv is a suicide match (for me atleast) and also men do cry.

And then you fall in luv for the 2nd,3rd,4th time and so on.The more you fall in love,the less you remember about it.It is like having breakfast, u forget about what u ate last week.

And then come the last one which is as special as the 1st one. God give us some instinct, so we could feel some vibration or see some sign that tell us she/he is the right one. She/he is different from the others. And you'll bet your whole life (and plus duit kenduri, belanja hantaran and also your bachelor title) to be with her/he.

Then, the learning circle start again as soon as the akad dilafazkan. Life become so exciting once again...

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